At J. Huard Consulting, making the right choice for your solar needs is easy using our customized 4 step process. Your consultant will be with you each step face to face to ensure peace of mind and customer satisfaction throughout the process.

a person holding a bill

Step 1

Free Consultation


The 1st step is the exciting part. This is where we'll compare your current utility bill versus switching to solar.

You can expect solar to be 30-50% less than what you're already paying the utility company putting your hard earned money back into your bank account!

Step 2

Solar Installation


By step 2 we're having fun! This is where the solar panels will be installed on your roof.

Your consultant will show up to ensure complete satisfaction gathering photos along the way to show off to your friends and family and get you some referral money.

*Be sure to ask about our referral incentive program.

Step 3


"Permission To Operate"

In this step your utility company has given us permission to turn the solar system on after passing required inspections.

Your consultant will download the monitoring app and show you how to use the app and system. The cool part.

Step 4

1st Utility Bill after Solar

In this final step of the process you've gone solar! This is the best part.

Solar has been successfully powering your home and we're going to teach you how to read your credits and see the money you're making by choosing solar.

                                    Why Solar?


- Solar Makes YOU Money

- $0 Out of Pocket

- Government Incentives & Rebates

- Saves the Planet

- Equal Pay (no more high electric bills)

- Easily Transferrable

- Home Increased Equity

- Stop Rising Utility Rates

- 25 Year Warranties

- Maintenance Free

- Purchase, Lease, or Cash Pricing Available

- and more . .

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